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__________ 1. In sexual reproduction of fungi, spores are produce By mitosis.

__________ 2.Yeast is a rapidly growing, asexually reproducing Stage of some types of fungi.

__________ 3.Fungi form mutualistic symbiotic associations with Other organism.

__________ 4.Fungi play important ecological roles by decomposing Organic matter and by

breaking down and absorbing minerals From rocks and soil.

__________ 6.All fungi are helpful.

__________ 7.Plants are multicellular eukaryotes whose cells have cell membrane made of


__________ 8.Reproduction in seed plants is characterized by a Greatly reduced gametophyte

and a dominant sporophyte.

__________ 9. The flowers of many gymnosperms are adapted for Pollination by wind or by


__________ 10.Although fruits provide some protection for Developing seeds, they primarily

function in seed dispersal.

__________ 11.The waxy cuticle coats the epidermis of stems and Leaves to prevent water


__________ 12.Ground tissue makes up only a little part of the Inside of most


__________ 13.In many plants, roots only function for anchorage.

__________ 14.Plants grow by producing new cells in regions of Active cell division called


__________ 15.Some plant movements respond to environmental Stimulus but are not

influenced by the direction of the Stimulus.

__________ 16.Plant hormones are produced in large amount and may Have small effects on

the growth and development of plants.

__________ 17.Organic compounds move through a plant within the Phloem from a source to

a sink.

__________ 18.The principal way in which plants time seasonal Responses is by sensing

changes in night length.

__________ 19. Plants also require small amounts of at least 20 Mineral nutrients.

__________ 20.Dormancy helps plants survive by keeping buds from Growing and seed from

germinating during warm period before Winter has ended.

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