Issue with Order: Incorrect Color and Size, Damaged Packaging

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- From: Ainhoa Centelles Sánchez

- To: AliExpress

- Dear Sir or Madam,

- I’m writing to inform you about the products I ordered from your company that have not been received properly, there was an error. Also, the order has arrived damaged and in poor conditions.

- I placed the order on 13 February, I bought from your website two pairs of sneakers. However, one pair has a different color that I ordered and the other pair came two sizes bigger and it didn't bring laces as it said in the photo of your website.

- Furthermore, according to your website, orders are transported in good conditions and are insured. As a result of your error, the packaging arrived destroyed and the contents of the package could be seen.

- I am very dissatisfied with the service I received. I hope you understand me and that you can make me up for it. I think I should get my money back or you would have to send me the pair of sneakers again free and in good conditions.

- Below, I am attaching some photos of the destroyed package and the order that I made.

- I hope an answer soon with the solution of my problem, thank you.

- Yours sincerely,

- A. C.

- Ainhoa Centelles

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