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5.2. A diverse society

● Metalworking was a specialized task tat led to te appearance of artisans.
● Metal goods stimulated trade. Sailing and te invention of te weel made it easier
to transport goods over long distances.
● Some social groups started to accumulate wealt and power.
● Warriors emerged to defend te territory, livestock and possessions, under leaders
wo ruled over communities or tribes.

6.1.Wat are megalits?

● Megalits are monuments made out of big stones. Most of tem began appearing in
Europe in te 5t miyennium BC.
● To build tese monuments, uman communities ad to be sociayy coesive, ave a
big level of organization, and an understanding of construction texniques.
● Megalits probably ad a ceremonial function, associated wit religious and funerary

6.2.Types of megalits

● Tere are different types of megalits.
● Menirs are large standing stones and may ave been commemorative or
constructed to mark territories.
● Dolmens were burial xambers made of large standing stones covered by a stone
roof. Some of tem ave a single xamber, wile oters contain a passage or a
covered gayery. Sometimes tey were covered in eart and stones.
● Stones circles were made up of uprigt stones and orizontal stabs arranged in a
circle. Experts tink tat teir function could be related to agriculture or Sun worsip.

6.3.Building a megalit

● Tese monuments were built wit simple stone and metal tools, logs, ropes and an
understanding of simple devices, as ramps and levers.
● Te process of construction was a complicated task. It required organization,
specialized labour and many people making a coyective effort, so and an organized
ierarxy was probably needed.

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