Invention by experience

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18-year-old British student Sam Woodhead was working on a farm in Australia during his gap year. One afternoon he went out for a run, but he didn't return. He hadn't told anyone where he was going. 
He was missing for three days and three nights. 
Sam had only taken a small rucksack, so he didn't have much water. It was boiling hot - over 40°C. At first, Sam drank the tiny bottle of water that he had taken. After that he tried drinking his own urine (he had learnt this survival tip from a TV programme!). Then he found some packets of contact lens solution in his rucksack. He drank them slowly until they were finished. Finally Sam was exhausted and he thought he was going to die. 
Eventually a search and rescue helicopter found Sam. Two hundred local volunteers had helped to look for him. By the time they found him, Sam was dehydrated and starving. He had lost 12 kg in three days. In the end Sam recovered and he was delighted to survive his terrifying experience and be reunited with his family.  

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