Introduction to Measurement and Observation

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Description: An Explanation of an Observation

Measurement: A Way to Describe the World with Numbers

Estimation: Using Knowledge of Something Familiar to Guess the Size of a New Object

Precision: How Close Measurements Are to Each Other

Accuracy: Comparing the Measurement to the Actual, Accepted, or Real Value

S.I.: International System of Units

Meter: The S.I. Unit of Length

Volume: The Amount of Space an Object Occupies

Mass: The Amount of Matter in an Object (S.I. Uses Kilogram)

Kilogram: S.I. Unit for Mass

Weight: The Measurement for Force (S.I. Uses the Newton)

Kelvin: The SI Measurement of Temperature (Same as C but Starts at -273 C)

Rate: The Amount of Change in a Measurement in a Given Amount of Time

Table: Displays Information in a Row or Columns to Make Easier to Read

Graph: Is Used to Collect, Organize, and Summarize Data in a Visual Way

Line Graph: Show the Relationship Between Two Variables Using a Line

Bar Graph: Show the Relationship Between Two Variables Using Blocks

Circle Graph: Shows Parts of a Whole

Significant Digits: Digits That Truly Reflect the Precision of a Number

Mole: The SI Unit of Amount of Substance

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