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- Period= 1780- 1850/ 1850- 1945

-Energy sources= water stam and coal/ electricity an petrol
- Machines= Steam Engine, spinning jenny, flying shuttle and railway/ car, electric devices, motor engine
- Basic industry= textile and iron/ iron, chemical industry and automobille industry
- Means of transport= train, steam tractor, steam ship/ ship and car
- Markets= Europe (internal)/ worldwide, colonies
-Workforce= factory workers ( unorganised workers)/ qualified and orgnized by trade unions
- Spread= Englan/ Germany, USA, Japan and other Europeancountries

open lands with no fances; field left fallow; wasted land between ships; common land used by the villagers for wood and grazing animal
inventions led to mechanised farming; landowners like Sutton were menbers of parliament; acts on enclousure passed from 1759; open common lands organised into encloused fields to increase production; seed drills por planting; peasents became labourers on landlordsmlands; need to prove ownership and have money to enclouse the fields; crop rotation to increase production; specialised farms ro increase production. 

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