Intelligence and Genetics: Key Concepts and Correlations

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Which of the following example fluid intelligence (A- Solving logic problems)

Identify the 3 intelligences proposed by Sternberg (E- Analytical, creative and practical)

Emotional intelligence does NOT refer to a person's ability to (D- achieve personal success in life)

Which of the following correlation coefficients indicated the lowest (D- +.22)

The Flynn effect refers to (D- worldwide phenomenon of rising intelligence scores during 20th century)

Which of the following is NOT evidence supporting genetic influence (B- adopted children most closely resemble their adopted parents intelligence levels)

The scores on an exam are normally distributed 84 to 88 (B- 2)

If these scores ranged from 52-96, which could be the standard deviation (A- 11)

Which of the following is true of a normal dis (B- The mean is equal to the median)

The SAT measures (B- both aptitude and achievement)

A correlation coeff of -88 indicates (B- a strong negative correlation)

A researcher wants to learn more about the development of languages (A- cross-sectional design)

Which of the following demonstrates negative correlation (B- as the number of hours spent studying)

The ability for an experiment's results to generalize outside of the laboratory (B- validity)

Which of the following causes of mental retardation is considered solely bio (A- down syndrome)

The correlation between college grades and SAT scores will be higher (D- 300-700)

Francis Galton believed (D- all the above)

The heritability of a specific trait will be greatest among genetically (C- dissimilar, similar)

Why does the predictive validity of general aptitude test decrease (C- there is a relatively restricted)

Five-year-old Jamie performs on an intelligence test MA is (A- 4)

Margaret is mildly mentally retarded (D- 50-70)

The similarity between intell scores of identical twins (D- greater than that between ordinary siblings)

The best indicator of infants intellectual aptitude is their (D- tendency to quickly shift their gaze from)

The impact of early environmental influences on intelligence is most (D- minimal interaction with care)

Joni claims that she is intellectually gifted because she 'posses' (C- reification)

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