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A-You don’t have to wear White;you have to wear Sports.-You mustn’t disturb;you Don’t have to be silent.1.You have to finish;you Don’t have to start on time.2.You don’t have to Play;you mustn’t take.3.You musn’t eat;you Don’t have to buy.4.You have to have a Shower;you have to wear.

B.ANTIQUES:You don’t have To go in.You mustn’t eat inside.

ENTRY POSSIBLE:Don’t have To arrive half;You mustn’t arrive late.ALL VEHICLES:Small Vehicles don’t have to;Drivers of large vehicles mustn’t.STUDENTS:Students mustn’t Make a Boise;Third-year students don’t have to take.LIBRARY:You mustn’t talk In;You don’t have to put the books back.

SWIMMING POOL:Swimmers Don’t have to pay tday;Swimmers mustn’t eat.

C.1)has to move.2)Does She have to.3)have to leave.4)she has to pack.5)must get.6)does she have To.7)mustn’t tell.

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