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13TH CENTURY BC: Jews escaped from captivity in Egypt. Settled in Canaan.

                                    Jews formed the kingdom of Judea.

                                    People called Peleshet populated Philistia.

70AD: Jews were forced to disperse throughout the Roman Empire

           The emperor Adrian re-named the area Palestine after expelled the Romans

FOLLOWUING CENTURIES: Few Jews and Christians lived among Muslim Majorities


7TH CENTURY: Muslim-Palestine connexion after the area was invaded by a Caliph

1516: Palestine under the control of the Ottoman Turks

19TH CENTURY: The diaspora Jews and the first settlers began arriving in Palestine

1917: The British capture Palestine from the Ottoman Turks

          Declaration for establishing a Jewish national homeland in Palestine

1922: The league of Nations approved the creation of a Jewish territory in Palestine

          Violent confrontations between Jews and Palestinian Arabs occurred


1933: Large number of Jewish refugees from Nazis arrived in Palestine

         Exodus of Palestinians to neighbouring Arab countries

1939: 500.000 Jews living in Palestine receive aids from US Jews

1947: UN approved creation Jewish and Arab states in Palestine, giving Jews more than half   territory. The arab states reject the UN resolution


1948(14 MAY): The state of Israel was declared

                        USA recognised it immediately

1948(15 MAY): Neighbouring Arab countries sent troops into the Arab state territories

                        720.000 Palestinian Arabs moved to neighbouring countries after Israel                               dominates nearly all of Palestine

1964: PLO was founded to create a Palestinian state


1967: The third Arab-Israeli war broke out ( Six-Day war)

         Half million Palestinians lived in Gaza, West Bank and Jerusalem as refugees

1979: Peace agreement between Egypt and Israel established a limited autonomy for Gaza and West Bank.

1987: The Palestinians of Gaza and the West Bank commenced the Intifada

1988: The PLO declared an independent Palestinian state from exile


1989: Yasser Arafat became president of the Palestinian State declared by the PLO

1993: Under the auspice of USA, Israel and PLO signed an agreement that brought together full autonomy for the Gaza Strip and limited autonomy for Jericho

1994: Autonomy agreement was signed, Arafat returned from exile

1995: Palestinian self-government was extended to the West Bank

1996: Elections in autonomous territories, Yasser Arafat president.

         Some Palestinian group consider autonomy insufficient

         Right wing Israelis unwilling to give away too much to the Palestinian.

2004: Yasser Arafat died. This led to conflict between Hamas and Fatah

2009: The Israelis invaded Gaza, killing 1500 Palestinians.

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