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 In 1935, cane toads were brought tu Australia to protect sugar cane from beetles. However, the toads didn't eliminate the beetles and they became a plague themselves. The toads' skin is poisonous so some species that eat them often die and they might disappear.
 Scientists are planning to use worms which attack toads' lungs in order to kill them, but they need to do more research first. Also, nature has made the head of some snakes become smaller, so they eat smaller toads that are less poisonous. Nature is really wise!

 Most people do not know how to react if they are attacked by a dangerous animal such as a shark, an alligator or a bear. Here are some tips: 1) You should run away from alligators! They can't go very far on land. If one catches you, hit its nose and eyes! 2) If you meet a tiger or puma, stand still and stare at it. Try to look bigger and more aggressive, by standing on a rock or making noises. 3) Try tu stay away from bears and never fight them back! 4) You can run away from killer bees but don't hot them or you'll make them angry! 5) If a tall turkey attacks you, fight back with an open umbrella. Try to be the dominant turkey!

BEES (p. 66)
 Bees are truly one of the most important and necessary species on Earth. There are 20.000 bee species in the world, which pollinate about 250.000 plants that are really important for agriculture and medical uses. Also, many birds and small mammals eat plants that need bee pollination. It's true that there are other pollinating insects (like butterflies and wasps) but none of them compares to bees.
 Unfortunately, most bees are in danger of extinction nowadays. If bees disappear, we will be in trouble. No bees lead to no plants, no animals and therefore, no humans!

 Derry Fisher is an ordinary man who is travelling from Sheercliff to London by train when he meets a pretty and apparently frightened girl who tells him a strange story about another passenger who was wearing a black shoe on one foot and a brown one on the other. Soon after that, Derry finds himself helping a police inspector solve the mistery about Stephen Borlase's murder. Borlase was an important scientist who was doing work of national importance at Sheercliff.
 Finally, they discover that Captain Meritt was the murderer, although he was the person whose job was to "guard Borlase's life". And the girl that Fisher met in the train was Meritt's accomplice. In the end, the girl commits suicide and Meritt goes to prison.

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