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present perfect simple. I have/has+3º,ed. Present perfect continuous- i have/had been+ing. Past simple-2º,ed,didn't. Past continuous-was/were+ing. Past perfect simple- i had 3º,ed. Past perfect continuous- i had been+ing. Present simple- s,do does. Present continuous-are, is+ing. Future forms-will, am is are+ing, i'm going to. Future continuous-will be+ing. Future perfect-will have+3º,ed.RELATIVE CLAUSES-who, which,that,whose,when.Where.MODAL VERBS can,must,could,may,might,shall,should,ought to,have to, need to, be able to. Modal perfect- may+have+3º,ed. PASSIVE VOICE-present simple: teach-are taught. Past simple: tauhgt-were tauhgt, Future will: will teach-will be taught. Future going to: are going to teach-are going to be taught. Present continuous:are teaching- are being taucht. Present perfect:have taught-have been taught.CAUSATIVE- have/get+object+3º,ed. CONDITIONALS. Zero- if,present simple. 1-if+present, will+inf. 2-if+ past simple, would+inf. 3-if+past perfect, would have+3º,ed. Mixed conditionals. 2-3,3-2.

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