Improve Your Grammar: Common Mistakes to Avoid

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A 1. We saw a man whose dog bit the postman.

2. She lives in that part of Paris where Jean-Paul Sartre was born.

3. He suddenly started shouting, which shocked me.

4. Windsurfing is a popular sport that needs a good sense of balance.

5. She works in Mario's, which is an Italian restaurant.

B 6. As the boy ran out of the house, he was shouting fire.

7. What she really hated was the dessert.

8. It was his appearance that made everyone laugh.

9. Not wanting to dance, I didn't go to the party.

10. I shook hands with her, saying that she was very funny.

C Choose: 11. What I liked about the film was all the funny jokes.

12. Not understanding the joke ...

13. I sold that's the girl...

14. Who tell, she gets angry with ..

15. Made, what... us very sad...

D 16. When he heard the bad... burst ... E Underline. 24. When she told ... weep

17. Sometimes things... cry ... 25. It pains me to see...

18. It really touched ... 26. The loss of his.. hit ..

19. When she died... overcome .. 27. Canned laughter is fake

20. The girls had heart... giggle 28. On the back ... sniggering

21. It was a huge, blow ... 29. She dressed up... cackle

22. He becomes angry.. rage.. 30. Does humour.. cope..

23. The black circle.. pupil

Dd Choose. 16. I suppose you know.. EE Complete. 26. The reporter.. expose..

17. I wonder what will happen... 27. Starting a family .. responsibility

18. Can you picture yourself ... 28. I can't describe the happiness..

19. It is not uncommon.. distort ... 29. You think it's.. reality...

20. He didn't... make ... 30. I sometimes fantasize...

21. She didn't like ...quit

22. Few people read.. impact

23. I will follow ..

24. We marked time while...

25. He likes to pretend to be..

A. Grammar 1. They will look after the puppies B Underline 7. Sorry, I forgot to buy..

2. We were walking... We came across any water. 8. I will always remember meeting,..

3. The letters BBC stand for British... 9. It is impossible to avoid stepping..

4. To apply for the job you must fill in this form. 10. When the bell... working..

5. He thought the matter over carefully, but decided.. 11. He regrets moving ..

6. When the noise died down the lecture started ...

C Choose. 12. The rise in prices resulted.. D Complete. 21. She failed... resit

13. It wasn't funny... slip.. 22. This isn't a

14. The international... lead.. 23. Oil and other... prosperity

15. He tried ...lost ... 24. I love the architectural...

16. Don't leave...trip.. 25. The inspiration for the...

17. The new tax.. rise 26. That was a wonderful holiday.

18. How do the... compare.. 27. The farmers... consequently...

19. Our city .. regions.. 28. The battery is... recharge it.

20. People here.. symbol.. 29. Don't throw..recycle them.

30. Welcome to the opening...

BB Choose 6. If only I hadn't been... CC Rewrite 13. Providing you finish your chores you can...

7. If you hadn't ,, might have injured... 14. As long as I have some spare time..

8. I wish I had not... 15. Mary won't play in the team unless she feels better.

9. It's a pity that..

10. That was stupid.. should have...

11. We'll go to.. unless..

12. You can buy.. providing...

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