Important Concepts in Units 7, 10, and 11

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  • UNIT 7:
  • Bureaucratic: Official
  • Maintain: Keep
  • Detecting: Locating
  • Essential: Important
  • Facilities: Buildings
  • Overcome: Fix
  • Resources: Sources of supply or support
  • Sustainable: Can continue
  • Unreliable: Undependable
  • Vehicle: Form of transport
  • UNIT 10:
  • Abandoned: Stopped doing something
  • Abstract: Separate from physical realities
  • Civilization: A society in an advanced state of development
  • Currency: Money
  • Enormous: Extraordinarily large
  • Heredity: When a parent passes on physical possessions to a child
  • Initiative: Readiness to take action
  • Subjective: Not objective
  • Transactions: Interactions between sellers and buyers
  • Undergone: Experienced or gone through
  • UNIT 11:
  • Accelerate: Increase the speed of something
  • Accumulate: Gradually increase in quantity or size
  • Biologists: People who study living things
  • Calories: Units measuring the amount of energy in food
  • Cells: The smallest parts of a living thing that can exist independently
  • Electrons: Matter in an atom
  • Metabolism: The chemical process that changes food into energy
  • Molecules: The smallest units of matter that have a unique chemical nature
  • Nutrition: The balance of food a person consumes
  • Supplement: Add something to improve a situation

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