The Importance of Sports for Society: A Global Perspective

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Do you think now a days in the 20th century sports is important for our society?

Well, I do. In my opinion, sports is always important.
Did you know that 60% of people in Australia and the USA are obese because of the lack of practiced sports in their country?
People need to be healthy and fit to have a good day-to-day life and to live longer.
Sports maintains everyone who practices it fit and healthy.
There are lots of benefits of being like this, not only physically, but also socially and mentally. This is why there are so many adolescents fit and on target, because they think sports are very important, as I do. But I want to make clear that sports is not practiced as much as here in Spain in other countries. In some sports, it is practiced more, but in others, it is not practiced as much, and this is not good.
For example, 53.5% of Spanish people have practiced sports over the past year, and this percentage does not stop increasing each year. But in other countries such as Mexico, 57.6% of people don't practice sports or any physical activity over the year, and this leads to obesity and a very overweighted population.
Now getting deep into the importance of sports, as I said it keeps people on target, but it does have some more positive aspects, such as bringing your country together, as a small act of patriotism. This is very important for us, the Spanish people, because in the past years we have been having some country problems, as the one of Catalonia, who wanted to become independent, saying that they were the only ones who worked. And with our fantastic sport, it has all calmed down a little bit even though they are now independent.
So, it is always good to have people to support your country.
Don't you think? Spain is very united, and in sports, we will always have people who support our country and country teams. An example of this was in 2010 when Spain won the football World Cup, lots of Spanish people went to the streets and celebrated our victory all together very happily.
I think without sports this couldn't be possible. Do you agree?

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