The Importance of Personal Beliefs in Argumentative Writing

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Title (Statement or Something Similar)

Paragraph 1: What is it About?

People claim that/ It is claimed that. This is a fascinating idea, but I firmly believe that because of the following reasons.

Paragraph 2: Develop One Side of the Argument

On the one hand, it is true that.



For instance, in my case/ when I was young (students personalize to give support to their arguments).

Paragraph 3: Give the Opposing Argument

However, other people are of the belief that.

In addition,

I would like to clarify this with a personal anecdote.

Paragraph 4: Sum Up the Writer's Ideas

In light of the above, I would say that.


  • Contrast: Although, However, Nevertheless, On the one hand, On the other hand, In contrast to...
  • Reason & Cause: Because, As, Seeing that, Due to
  • Purpose: So as to, In order to
  • Consequence: Consequently, As a result, Therefore
  • Addition: Moreover, Furthermore, Besides, As well as, In addition to
  • Giving examples: For example, For instance, Such as

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