Importance of Healthy Eating and Exercise for a Fun-filled Life

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F, F, T

A Town B Eat C Stop

  1. Yes, I love travelling
  2. It depends on the weather
  3. I broke my leg
  4. Children are complicated
  5. What would you do?
  6. I would go to USA
  7. I don't think so

1. I can't understand how you could be happy with two TV channels. I need a lot of channels.

2. I can't concentrate because the music I am listening to is very quiet.

3. I agree with you. I think it is boring.

4. Mary, you should come to the school trip. You will have a good time.

In my opinion, a healthy life is to eat healthy food every day, although sometimes you can eat fast food. Healthy food for me is meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, milk, and fruit. I think that we should avoid eating a lot of sugar and salt. In addition, people should do exercise every day to have fun. For example, you can go skating with your friends on weekends, swim in the sea when you go to the beach, or dance.

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