The Impact of Social Networks on Teenagers

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Like many topics, social networks are very discussed.

The majority of teenagers have their own social network for different reasons. Social networks are interesting if teenagers use them properly. First of all, I think that they help many people feel socially accepted. I consider they are very useful in terms of exchanging information on a subject.

More over, I believe that social networks allow you to create closer links with people who are far away or even keep in touch with relatives who live in other countries, for example.

For some teenagers, social networks are tools which help them to make money through promotions of famous brands.

I know that some people may consider social networks as something dangerous due to some bullying situations, people moving away from the real environment if they spend too much time on them, they may create an addictive use...

Nevertheless, I feel that if teenagers use them for the real purpose they were created (communicating, sharing pictures...) and parents control what they post on their social networks, social networks would be even safe.

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