The Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Modern Society

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Sleep Less
In present society, sleeping is becoming less and less important. On the one hand, people are spending more hours working or studying, but on the other hand, others are using that time for socializing or entertaining themselves with modern technology.

First of all, some years ago, people didn't pay attention to watches, but now everything is controlled. Nowadays, people have to work long hours and keep up with the modern world. Additionally, in 'bachillerato,' students have to achieve top grades, so they spend countless hours studying at night and consuming caffeinated drinks. However, some people don't work as hard and instead waste their time playing computer games, PlayStation, or exploring new technologies. Consequently, they sacrifice their sleep.

In conclusion, modern life is becoming more challenging due to the increasing number of problems to solve, tasks to complete, and substances to consume to stay awake. As a result, people tend to neglect the importance of sleep, which can lead to various health problems.

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