The Impact of Cyber Slang and Text Messages on Communication

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Damage caused by the use of Cyber Slang and text messages ------- Have you ever sent a text message using cyber slang? Literally, the way in which students communicate with each other through social networks with anxiety and text messages is triggered in the classrooms of schools across the country. The excessive use of CIber Salng and text messages generate three big problems .---- As a result of the excessive use of the Ciber Slang and text messages, it generates diminution in the ability to use the rules of grammar, gap with the old generation, distraction in social situations. The invention of a new electronic device to communicate generates a decrease in the ability to use grammar rules. For example, in schools, both teachers and students make inappropriate use of grammar in Messenger. The use of a new language in different social networks by the new generation generates a gap with the old generation. For example, my parents do not know the terms 'WTF' on Facebook. The popularity of text messages causes distraction in different social situations. For example, when I wait for the message from my girlfriend, I'm hanging all day on my cell phone and break in my conversations. To conclude, according to the three problems explained by the use of Cyberlang and text messages, these generate a decrease in the ability to use grammar rules, a gap with the old generation and distraction in social situations. I think that people should get over and not give up because of the excessive use of technology. In addition to carry on with the proper use of grammar, take conscious and find out solutions to these problems.

Animal Intelligence

I think that the PERCEPTIVE and COGNITIVE abilities of animals are interesting topics due to three reasons. The first reason is that animals that have perceptual abilities CAN recognize the stimuli thanks to their PERCEPTIVE ability to solve problems. For example, dogs who are convulsively alert predict attacks because of their innate abilities that other animals do not have. The second reason is in FOCUS of response of the animals against a human training. For example, dogs who are compulsively responsive help people bring their medicine, put clothes on or bark at them. This is the standard BEHAVIOR that any dog ​​can ACQUIRE. The third reason is the ability to count without human help, by observing subtle and unconscious signals. For example, the horse Hans, the world-famous German horse, counted and played the mathematical answers, although Dr. Pfungst, a German psychologist and biologist, ACHIEVED that he was not counting.In conclusion, according to the three reasons explained, the perceptive and cognitive abilities of animals are interesting topics.

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