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Trunk maletero (caixa) Sheath vaina

Rucksack maleta dora hoe aixada

Crate caixa fusta Spirit level mesurador

Trunk maletero (caixa) Tape measure metre

Rucksack maleta dora Pickaxe pica

Hatchet destral Oilcan llauna d’oli

Callipers calibrador

Mallet martell

Trowel serra

Awl punxó

Fork forca

Reservoir presa

Shutter persiana fusta

Railings barana ferro

Drainpipe tuberia

Cobweb cobertizo

Shed teranyina

Hive rusc

Pillar box bústia

Gall blader vesícula viliar

Rectum recte

Bladder vejiga

Windpipe traquea

Gullet esòfag

Liver fetge

Kidneys rinyons

Pane panell vidre

Whisk batedor

Frame marco

Spin dryer asecador

Chesnuts castanyes

Figs figues

Blackcurratns grosselles negres

Parsley julivert

Marrow medul·a / carbassó

Parsnips chirivia (pastanaga fea)

Almonds ametlles

Cauliflower col

Dates datils

Gooseberries grosselles amb punxes

Rhubarb ruibarbe

Chives cebetes

Peas pèsols

Leek porro

Acorns aglans

Bolt llisquet

Collar coll camisa

Dart dardo

Greenhouse hivernnader

Label etiqueta

Mitten guà de forn

Rattle sonaller

Run out of supply of

Go allong with accept

Call off cancelled

Go in for enter

Look after take care of

Come up with though of

Take after resembles

Got over recovered from

Held up delayed

Do away with kill

Butt in interrupt

Come into inherited

Looked up to admired

Grown of become too bog

Came across found by acident

Come up against been faced

Fallen off decreased

Bring out published

Fell through failed to

Cut down with remember

Clear up becomes fine

Call for collect

Go down with become ill

Broke down stopped work

Go round share

Back up finish

Taking on employing

Turn in go to bed

Hold down keep

Back me up support me

Let me down disappoint me

Take in understand

Looked down on despised

Do up fasten

Hold on wait

Going arround with

Gone through suffered

Keep out with same standart

Give up rendir-se

Skull calavera

An eyesore ugly to look

To put one’s foot in it posar la pota

Down in the mouth be depressed

A pain in the neck irritaiting person

Heartless cruel

Off one`s head crazy

A brainwave clever idea

Nosy pesat

Too see eye to eye with smn agree

To stick one’s neck out take a risk

Cheecky rude

Hair-rising cagat

Wet behind the ears inexperiencied

All finger and thumbs torpe

To show a leg get out of bed

Live from hand to mouth spend money every day

By ear by memory

Lose heart become discouraged

Be up in arms be angry

Tonge-tied to be shy

Put s’s back up make angry

Lose one’s head lose control

Hisht fisted very mean

Give someone the cold sholder ignore someone

Keep your hair on keep calm

Pay through the nose pagar de més

Pick smn brain aprofitarse menjar coco

Tonge in neck say something and then mean the opposite

Tange twister tragallengues

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