Humanization and hominization

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· Fundamental change for the start of the process of humanization was bidepismo, q and thereby shift brought about important anatomical adaptations.
· This led to a change in the structure of the foot: the big toe became not opposable, allowing support of the entire plant, q normally allowed to go and stay on two feet.
· Upright posture his center of gravity in the pelvis, is estrexa q, q it requires the modification of the vertebral column q can maintain balance and hold your head up.
· When standing erect position was another major change occurred: the liberation of the hands assumed technical roles: to manufacture and operate and tools.
· In vertical position, the hominid no longer needs to defend or attack with his mouth. This is aq great pekeñas mandivulas is agan mas, while the kraneo q enlarges and bulges.
· The kraneo enlarged in parallel with its increased capacity.
characteristics, behaviors and factors favoring q q favored the psychic and social evolution of human beings are diverse and reflect different domains can be highlighted aunq the following five:
· Unfoldment of intellectual activities such as the ability of observation and intelligence.
· Technical progress. q hunting were refined and made to diversify the weapons and tools.
· Social cooperation and the hunting of large animmales rekeria the cooperation of many individuals. stimulated the unfoldment of language given the need for communication between hunters in a complex and specialized.
-the discovery of fuel around the social, security and protection elfuego offers to settle in refugios.a physiological level, the fire was a key in alimentacion.estos cambion become softer, lose toxins ... q factors allowed to be omnivorous species.
-long learning. q one of the features characteristic of human being is its slow unfoldment physical versus animals.
· Human childhood and adolescence only temporarily larga.estos are very specific periods of learning and socialization.
· The human being has a special feature q only occurs in offspring of other animals: the permanent Meneses browse the new. of behavior taking care of the fire, preparing to hunt op useful for scrolling, led hominids to aconstumbrarse camping in protected settlements or shelters.
· Patterns of cooperation and assistance among group members.
· Diversification of activities
· Appearance of the different roles and social roles.
According to biologists the human being is born in a state of biological immaturity. consequently, very important unfoldment nervous system is made in exchange with the outside world. q allows us to say there is no fixed human nature and finished, but q man builds his own nature.
-appearance of language. the decisive step in the humanization process was the appearance of q given language allowed himself to think, plan and reason were adkiriendo q shares a degree of complexity of human behavior, unfoldment the need to issue guidance shouts and gestures of behavior. would have developed further the word, whose primary function is social.

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