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-Syphilis: caused by a bacteria. In its final stages causes damage to the nervous and circulatory system.
-Gonorrhea: caused by a bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae. It can cause infertility and blindness in a baby.
-AIDS: caused by HVI. It reduces the defense against microorganisms and then it can cause infections or tumors.
-hepatitis B: caused by the HBV virus and causes fever, fatigue and other hepatitis's symptoms. It can cause liver damages and cancer.
-genital herpes: caused by the VHS virus and produces painful blisters on the genitals and sometimes a chronic infection
-genital warts: caused by the human papillomavirus. It cause warts in the genitals and it can lead to cancer in this area.
-vaginal yeast: caused by a fungus. It cause intense itching and thick vaginal discharge.

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