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Personification: Its when you Give to a thing or object human characteristics.

Alliteration: Its a stylistic Device in which a number of words with the same first consonant are in the same  phrase.

Allusion: Its a reference of Something well know a casual reference to a place, thing or idea.

Analogy: Its a comparision of Two things to show their similarities with the explanation or clarification.

Euphemism: The use of a Word or Phrase that is less expresive or direct tan other.

Seeting: When and where the story is happening.

Characters: Protagonist, flat: Unchanged character, dynamic: change throw the story, narrator: tells the Story.

Plot: Its like the story, Everething that is happening, the most important thing that happend in the Story.

Conflict: Internal: man vs Himself, external: man vs nature.

Them: the central idea.

Characterization: dynamic: Change with the story, flat: they dont change.

Exposition, Rising actions, Climax, Falling actions, Resolution.  

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