Human actuality

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Robert Walton finds a fainting man on his ship expedition to the North Pole. This man, named Victor Frankenstein, begins to tell him the reason why he is there. Victor Frankenstein is a doctor, expert in Natural Philosophy, who, one day, decides to go further in his investigations, pretending to create human life. A night of storm and rain in his laboratory, the monster created from other human fragments, comes to life. The monster leaves and, a few years later, Victor finds him and he begins to tell everything he has lived and has managed to learn by imitating human beings. The monster is angry and finds himself alone. He reproaches his creator for having done so, since he is rejected and hated by the whole world. The monster asks Frankenstein to create a female not to feel alone, and promises to leave the human species calm. Frankenstein agrees, but halfway through his new creation, decides to destroy it for fear that it is as vengeful as the monster previously created. He sees it and decides to destroy all his loved ones. He kills his best friend and his wife, and his father also dies because of this last death. Frankenstein pursues the monster to the North Pole, where he eventually dies in Walton's ship without having killed the monster, who, having seen his wish fulfilled, decides that the time of his own death has also come.

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