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he REASON: be applied to all areas of life They critisied some aspects of Absolutism the privilege of the nobility and clergy .Natural RIGTHS: individual liberty belonged to All human beings. TOLERANCE: Was the basis of coesistence KNOWLEDGE: Using the reason because it was the key of the happiness Great Importance education experimental sciences which were considered vital for Human progress.

Voltaire: Defended a strong monarchy which espect for civil liberties

. ROSSEAU: Sovereing reside in the people =allow a higher authority to governed in Their name Montesquieu: Separation Of powers legislative executive judicial   CONGRES VIE:the Austrian foreign Minister Prince Metternich played a leading role. He tried to guarantee a lasting peace and Avoid revolutions France returned to the frontiers it had before Revolution Austria Prussia and Russia acquired new territories. States were reinforced Around France as a protective barriers against a future expansion

AB:Monarchs governed introduced and Ratified laws and name judges was The Divine Rights of Kings =was above the law And she /he been chosen by God the government. There was two exceptions Duth Republic /England  LIBE:.The power of a monarch needed to be Restricted by a constitution that respeted the sovereign of the people and Guaranteed individual liberties NATIO;: is a range of political, social, And economic systems characterised by promoting the interests of a particular nation

TIME LINE Napoleon: :BOourb:OBJETIVE :was to stability after a long period of pronunciamientos the Constitution on 1876 established a Constitutional Monarchy limited suffrage and A range of rights and liberties.

System rotation of power know as the turno Pacific the conservatives ,led by Canovas del Castillo and the liberals (Sagasta) alterned in the government. System was based political manipulation Of the election this arrangement orevented new parties from participatin in government PARLIA:people created local government called JUNTAS To organize resistance against Jose 1 .Important Junta Central Suprema in Aranjuez French invasion caused change of location firt in sevilla and finally In Cadiz only city of the peninsula not occupied by this. Groups- Liberal Favoured political reforms Conservatives supported absolu and Deputies Represented the American Colonies.Aproved in 19th March 1812 Recognised national sovereign the power throught its representatives. Only Catholicism is the religion, hereditary mornach in which the king approved the Laws.

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