Hotel Organizational Structure, Design, and Technical Considerations

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Organizational Chart of a Hotel Department

General Manager (GM) - The GM is the head of the department and oversees all operations. The Chief Engineer reports to the GM and is responsible for the following departments:

  • Corporate Offices - Establish policies and procedures, ensuring accountability. They do not have executive responsibility for individual property performance.
  • Property Management
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • Landscaping - This department includes roles such as storekeeper, electrician, refrigerator engineer, painter, gardener, plumber, and air conditioning technician.

Hotel Physical Premises Design and Concept

The design and concept of a hotel's physical premises depend on its defined characteristics:

  • Location
  • Existing infrastructures
  • Climate
  • Concept
  • Target market
  • Available services
  • Category
  • Type of construction (thematic, monumental, modern, classic, horizontal, vertical, compact, bungalows)
  • Size and capacity

Considered Factors

  • Use of adapted, optimal, and easy-to-maintain materials
  • Pleasant illumination
  • Effective sound and temperature insulation

Hotel Circulation Schemes

The hotel flow must be designed rationally, as efficiency and profitability can depend on it.

Housekeeping Area: Scheme of Room Linen Flow

  • Dirty laundry flows from rooms to the housekeeping area.
  • Clean laundry is exchanged from the housekeeping area to room floors.

Example: Rooms > Dirty linen flow > Housekeeper-linen room > Linen exchange > Clean linen flow > Rooms.

Food & Beverage Circulation Flows

Suppliers > Storage & Conservation of Goods > Production Areas (Kitchens) > Room service, Restaurant, Banquets, and Bars > Clients

Hotel Building Technical Utilities

  • Water system
  • Electricity (most costly utility)
  • Illumination
  • Voltage power
  • Industrial refrigeration
  • Air conditioning and heating system
  • Security
  • Fuel
  • Elevators (type, distribution, and communication should align with the hotel category)
  • Locks

Electricity Power: Voltage transformers, power control panels, and electricity power emergency generators are essential. Consider using ecological renewable energies, as electricity is a significant cost factor in hotels.

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