My Holidays in San Sebastian

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Tell us about your holidays! / Last weekend Dear John, -How are you? I hope you are well. It gave me great joy to receive your email. I haven't written before because I was on holiday.

I went to San Sebastian two summers ago/last weekend. I got there by car. We stayed five days/three days in a friend's house.

Every morning we went to the beach 'La Concha'. It is the most popular beach in San Sebastian, and it was beautiful with clear waters.

In the afternoons, we visited monuments, walked around the town, and strolled along the seafront. I really liked the beautiful buildings and streets.

At night, we were too tired and I went to bed early.

We also visited villages near San Sebastian like Zumaia, Irun, and Hondarribia. All of them were beautiful, but I especially liked Zumaia with its wonderful beach and high cliffs. Zumaia is known for its geological interest, attracting many scientists to study its rocks. The landscapes there are spectacular.

We had a great time, but we only had one problem: the weather. It rained almost every day, which was awful. The weather kept changing from sunny to rainy, causing inconvenience.

I really enjoyed that holiday, and I think I will go back there again. What's your news? What have you been up to? Write soon and keep me up-to-date with everything. Can't wait to catch up!

Regards, Mari Carmen

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