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The consequences of the war:
-Death and injury- the war produced millions of cualities. This reduced the population and the available work-force in post-war Europe.
-Materials destruction-the fighting destroyed cities, factories, farmland and infrasture such as roads, bridges and ports. These material losses did great demage to European economy. 
-Economic decline- Europe its economic leadership and needed loans from the United States to rebuild after the war and reapir the damage cause by the fighting. The United States became the word´s leading economic power.
-New Europeanstates- the map of Europe changed dramatically as a consequence of the peace treaties. The German, Astro-Hungarian, Russian and Ottoman Empires ceased to exist. As a result, new states were created, including Poland, czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Finland.
-Colonial changes- the Paris peace treaties gave Allied Powers control over colonies or regions that had belonged to the Central Powers before the war. These were kwnown as mandate territories.

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