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my first day at university
 The first day I went to the university, I was quite nervous
not to say much, well rather I was anxious to have my
first day of classes at the university to know who I was
going to play with, the teachers and many other things.
I got to class well in advance because I didn't want to
look bad in front of everyone the first day and I arrived
about 2 hours early but it didn't matter because I went
to have a drink at the cafeteria in front of the university
while the time was up. Once the hour was approaching,
I was more anxious to know everything that was going
to wait for me when I entered class. Suddenly I looked
at the time and I had to go in. I ran away because I
forgot to pay the girl who had served me in the cafeteria
, but then I came back, paid her and apologized. Once I
was in class with all my classmates, the teacher explained
how everything worked, I calmed down quite a bit and from
then on everything went very well because, when I left, I
made many friends and we all went to eat together to get
to know each other and then we We said goodbye and
each one went home. So I was very happy because I
imagined it very badly and it was just the opposite,
I'm looking forward to going back to meet all my
teammates and start the race.

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