Henry VIII and the Religious Division in Europe

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Henry VIII

Henry VIII

By 1525, Henry's wife, Catherine of Aragon, had borne only one child, a girl named Mary. Henry decided to have the marriage annulled, or declared invalid based on church laws.

The Pope would not give his consent for King Henry VIII to divorce Catherine of Aragon.

Therefore, in 1534 he broke with the Catholic Church and the Act of Supremacy was passed, under which he appointed himself head of the Church of England or Anglican Church.

In 1533, Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII were secretly married.

After Parliament had declared Henry's marriage to Catherine null and void, Anne gave birth to a girl, Elizabeth.

Religious division in Europe

Religious division in Europe

In 1520, Pope Leo X excommunicated Luther, or expelled him from the Church.

In 1521, Martin Luther was summoned to appear before German Diet, or assembly, at the city of Worms.

A. Edict of Worms: This decree declared that Luther to be an outlaw and condemned his writings. The edict did not prevent Luther's ideas from spreading, however.

B. In 1529, Charles V moved to suppress Lutherans in Germany. Lutheran princes in the German assembly issued a protestatio, or protest against these measures. This is how the term Protestant came into being.

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