Health and Safety Training Package for Factories

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Ok, Georgios, let's get down to business.

Good idea. So, shall we start by discussing the first aid training package?

Well, we already have some people with first aid training.

But we need some first aid courses for beginners. We also need refresher courses, where people return every year to improve their skills. So we'd like you to provide both beginner and refresher courses for our staff.

We can agree to that. What I propose is a package of a beginner course plus refresher courses for more experienced people.

That would be fine for us.

So these are the courses that we offer. You can see all the dates and the prices here.

Yes, I see. Tell me, Martina, what is your priority here?

It's essential that our factories follow the law. We want to have all the necessary health and safety training, equipment, and notices.

Really? What are your main concerns?

The factories. We had two small accidents last month. We do not want accidents at work. We need our factories to be safe.

I see we can help. There, in addition to our courses, we can provide a complete safety check of workplaces and factories. How does that sound to you?

That would be great, Georgios. Can you also arrange a government inspection of the factory?

I'm sorry, but that's not possible. We don't work directly with the government.

Ok, I'll organize that. Now, let's look at dates. We need courses for about a hundred employees. Can you complete the training in the next three months?

Two months? I'm afraid that wouldn't be possible. We would need about three months, I think.

Ok, three months. In terms of location, I think we can run the courses at our factories.

Yes, you have all the facilities available. In return, would you consider a further discount?

Absolutely, we can look at a full discount of 15%.

Well, that's great news. Are you happy with everything?

It's a deal. Is Matt likely to be promoted soon? Is he likely to work abroad? Yes, he would. Is he likely to stay in his present job? Yes, he is very likely. Would Grace like to change jobs? No, she wouldn't. What would she like to do? She would like her job and company? Yes, she does.

  1. None (Some) of Mart Employee has training
  2. Martina request...
  3. Martina Factories.. seven (two).
  4. Georgios will (won't) organize
  5. The course one (three)
  6. Georgios 50%(15%)

What the most important thing for you?

What I propose is a package.

That would be fine for us.

What are your main concerns?

I'm sorry, but that is not possible.

In return, would you consider?

It's a deal.

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