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2F:A Neighbour in the next bed talks with Dougla´s granddaughter .She said it because Dougla´s granddaughter didn´t find her watch in the first night in India.She Has been a missionary in India for thirty years. After that, she recommended Dougla´s granddaughter to keep her watch and the money hidden and never eat Food sold in the street and drink boiled water only.

16F:Dougla´s Granddaughter talks.She said it because Olivia filled her house with carpets, Pictures and flowers,she only had a desk and she slept in a sleeping bag. She Said it when she found a room in Satipur.She paid  rent to Inder Lal who was an Indian Government official.

20F:Douglas´s Granddaughter talks.Inder Lal was an Indian government official and she paid Rent to him.She visited them and she said that the house was untidy,the rooms Were small and there were 3 young children.They offered her a chair and food.She Couldn´t understand them and they didn´t understand her.They thought that she Was strange and sometimes people smiled at her curiously in India.

24F:Douglas´s Granddaughter talks with Inder Lal.She said it when they went to Khatm to see The palace of the Nawad.She said it to know how Karim had this palace.The Palace was locked because it was empty.She said that she would write later to Karim,who was Olivia´s Indian prince.

1923:”But Olivia was…”: the narrator said it because Olivia was in a conversation which did Not include her.That night,Douglas and Olivia went to the Nawad´s dinner party. These conversations were conversations among Douglas,the Crawfards and the Minnies .Then, Harry sat next to her  and  They started to talk.

1923:”But He knew..”:the narrator said it because Douglas and Olivia didn´t go to a Dinner party so they refused the invitation and he did it because the Mrs Crawford Were not invited . Olivia wanted to go but Douglas said that they couldn´t go If Crawford didn´t invite them. Then, Douglas sat on his horse and he went to Work.

28F:Douglas´s Daughter talks.She said it when she was inside the rest-house.After, the old Man opened the rest-house , she saw behind the house the Christian graveyard And in this graveyard was the broken statue over a baby´s grave .The rest-house Was the Saunders´s house.The broken statue was the stone angel which the Saunders had ordered from Haly for their baby´s grave .

1923:”Yes He is..”:Mrs Crowford(Beth) spoke with Olivia.Beth said it because Olivia asked Her if the Nawad was married.He was the Nawad.Before that conversation ,Olivia And Beth were at the Royal Palace in Khatm because they visited the Nawad´s mother.

1923:”Many Years later…”:The Nawad talked with Olivia.He said it because he wanted to Explain her why it was built (shrine).Before that, he told her that it was a Religious place where people came to ask God for help.After he said that, he Also said that it had been the only way that Amannullah Khan could thank the Old man who had saved his life.

8M:Douglas´s Granddaughter talked.After said it, she said that Olivia didn´t tell Douglas About that picnic.Olivia wrote to her sister about it,because Douglas was so Busy and he didn´t have much time to listen her.

20M:”Althouhg..”:Douglas´s Granddaughter talked about Inder Lal´s mother.She said it because she and Inder Lal´s mother became good friends.In the sentence, she was Inder Lal´s mother . She said that Inder Lal ´s mother said that now is the best part of her life Because when an Indian girl marries,she will have to live with her husband´s Family.

20M:”The British..”:Douglas´s granddaughter talked. She said it because Inder Lal ´s Mother showed her the local shrines to brave wives.She also said it because in India dead bodies were burned,and it was  Ancient custom for a widow to be burnt alive with her husband´s body.

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