What happened to a good man with his son

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3A -Stages of life

  1. Infancy

  2. Childhood

  3. Adolescence

  4. Adulthood

  5. Middle age

  6. Old age




The elderly La gent gran


Teenager →  Adolescent

ToddlerNen petit

Young man/womanHome/dona jove

Youth Joventut

Ask somebody uot → Sortir

Bring somebody up → Educar

Fall in love (with somebody) → Enamorar-se

Get on (With somebody) → Portar-se bé

Grow up → Creixer

Look up to somebody → Mirar algú

Name somebody after somebody → Nom avia….

Pass away → Morir-se

Settle down → Instelar-se

Split up → Divorsiar-se

Take after somebody → Semblar-se

a- be the baby of the family 3

b- be like chalk and chees1

c- be the black sheep of the family8

d- be the spitting image of6

e- fight like cat and dog2

f- follow un somebody’s footsteps5

g- like father, like son/ like mother, like doughter4

h- something runs in the family7

1- be completly different from each other

2- querrel and argue all the time

3- be the youngest member of a family

4- when a child’s character or behaviour is the same as their parent’s

5- do the same job, follow the same lifestlye,etc. As someone else

6- look exactly like

7- a quality or ability is shared by many members of the family

8- be the member of the family who is different from the others and considered bad or embarrassing


1-we use the PRESENT PERFECT CONTINUOUS for arrangements

2-we use the PRESENT SIMPLE for events that are scheduled or timetable

3-if--in case--once--unless--when--before--after--as soon as--by the time--until

4- we do NOT USE WILL

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