What happened to a good man with his son

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CAPITULO 1:  1- Why was the author’s birth considered a difficult one? Because both mother and son almost died.  2- Why wasn’t the author given a name immediately after his birth? Because, after the birth Chris and his mother needed to stay in the hospital.  3- When Chris was 5, something happened that changed his life. What was it? He was with his sister Mona and his brother Paddy in a room. Mona and Paddy were writing on a slate. Chris wanted to do the same, and he took the chalk out of his sister’s hand with his left foot.  CAPITULO 2:  1.Why did Christy’s mother start to teach him the whole alphabet? Because he couldn’t speak, so the unique way of communication was teaching him the alphabet for he could write words.  2- How did she teach him to write the alphabet? She wrote the letters and then she deleted them. Chris tried to write them again.  3- Why was he reluctant to use shoes? Because unique way of communication with his family was writing whit the left foot.  4- Why didn’t his mother want Chris to grow up to be illiterate? Because Chris can never go to school. CAPITULO 3: 1How did Chris manage to move around? He crawled as quickly as he could into the kitchen before Sally.  2- What did he do when Charlie and Sally were kissing each other inside the bath? He put his forehead against on of the taps, and he twisted with his head. The water running into the bath where Sally and Charlie were. CAPITULO 4: 1When his brothers took him out for walks people sometimes stared him. How did he feel about this? Chris knew that he had something wrong, but he didn’t want to think about this; he wanted be happy.  2- How did he feel when his go-cart broke down? He was sad, because with Henry (the go-cart) he could go out with his brothers and play. When his go-cart broke down, he didn’t returned to walk with them.  CAPITULO 5:  1Why did Chris hate mirrors? Because he saw himself and he didn’t like himself. Then, he started to compared with his brother. He was so sad.  2- After he realised he was different from the others, he felt vary depressed. How did he overcome his depression? One Christmas, we received a box of toy soldiers, and his brother Paddy a box of paints. He liked it so much, more than his present. When Chris had the chance, he gave his brother his soldiers and Paddy gave him his paints. Chris loved to paint.  3- Who was Katriona Delahunt? She was a slim and tall girl. She was a student social worker at the hospital. She was 18. She talked with Chris’ mother and she went to med him.  4- Why did Katriona Delahunt come to visit Chris? Because She talked with Chris’ mother and she went to med him.

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