Hapkido: A Martial Art for Self-Defense and Personal Growth

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Hapkido is a martial art. In hapkido, you can learn to defend yourself against an aggressor. This martial art has a lot of similarity to other arts like taekwondo or jiu-jitsu. The trainings consist of physical conditioning exercises, practicing different types of kicks, and learning techniques of personal defense.

In hapkido, we also learn to control our emotions and fears through discipline. Each teacher has rules and laws in their dojo. Our rules are: falling is allowed but getting up is mandatory, it is forbidden to say 'I cannot' because with effort and dedication, you can achieve what you want.

Our combat discipline is very respectful in terms of greetings and farewells. We hapkidokas say goodbye with the word 'pilsung,' which means victory to overcome day by day.

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