Habits of Dressing: Brand, Identity, and Style

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Habits of Dressing

At present, people have a habit of dressing in branded clothes and identifying with the clothes they wear.

I particularly like to dress well and have good clothes. However, I have different ways of dressing. For example, I don't dress the same way when I go to college as I do when I go out with my friends. I rarely buy clothes, and when I do, I usually go shopping with my father. When I go shopping with my mother, I tend to stress myself out and end up buying more. I usually buy clothes from El Corte Ingles, as they have many brands and diverse models. Recently, I have been buying more clothes due to my significant weight loss of over 50kg. Lately, I have been buying more modern clothes, although I still like to dress up with a shirt and look presentable. Ultimately, I enjoy dressing well and being fashionable, but with a touch of class.

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