Gulliver's Travels: Lagado's Royal Academy and Beyond

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Lord Munodi promises to get Gulliver an invitation to Lagado's Royal Academy if he wants it, which Gulliver does.

Their projects include:

  • To take sunbeams out of cucumbers
  • To turn human poo back into food (ugh)
  • To melt ice into gunpowder
  • To build houses from the roof down
  • To paint without sight, but according to the texture and smell of the colors
  • To use pigs to plough fields
  • To use spider webs to replace silk threads

This giant square has handles on all sides for the professor's students to use to turn the frame.

By turning the frame, the professor's students shake up the words hanging inside the square.

Whenever three or four of the words together seem to make sense, the students write down these phrases.

In order to find an accused person they could find

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