Greening the Sahara

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Greening the Sahara.

1. a) True. Egypt's population is expected to double by 2050,

and already crowded living conditions will likely get worse.

b)  False. {...}crowded living consitions will likely get worse.

So the keen to encourage people to settle in the desert by

moving ahead with an expensive plan to reclaim 3,4 million

acres of desert over the next 10 years.

2. a) Because he is a farmer whose job consists on growing

fruits in a place that in the past was totall part of the Sahara


b) On one hand, because the think that agriculture might not

give so much benefits as the government wants, and on the

other hand, because it might destroy the touristic wild

envitonment in Egypt.

3. a) Vast. b)Likely. c) Because. d) Rather than.

4. a) as, from. b) travelling, most ancient. c) was built, on.

d) wich, to promote.

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