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Amusement park, located in madrid, in the Spanish capital, in this place you can spend very good moments of fun and adrenaline with your friends or family, you can also spend the whole day here because there are places to eat and where to eat.

The amusement park of Madrid was inaugurated in 1969, this one has had a great evolution from its origin, have been constructed many more attractions that are attractive for the public, zones for children, zones to eat.
In the amusement park you can do many things, if you like the risk you have the area with the most dangerous attractions, if you are a less daring person you have an area where there are quieter attractions, you can also go to water attractions where you end up very wet.

I recommend this place because I have had very good times with my family and with my friends, it is a place where you do different things that are not done oftenquí!

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