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WAS / WERE (ser o estar, estaban, estabas, estaba, PASADO

I am                          was 
He / She / It     is   -  was 
You / We / They      are  - were

*V + ED = With  most  verb  we add ED; work - worked
* + D = with verbs ending with E, we add D; live - lived
*Y - IED = with verbs that end with a consonant + Y we change the Y to IED; try- tried, apply - aplied , study - studies 
DOBLE CONSONANT = with verbs that end with a vowel  + one consonant we doble the consonant; stop - stopped, plan - planned

provide information about the relationship of an object to another part of the sentences
to remember the role of preposition, notice that position appers in the word preposition 
AT= located at a specific place. Clara studied at the library all day
IN = located within boundaries (enclosed). The fans are in the stadium 
ON = located on a surfface ( not enclosed). I left my homework on the kitchen table 
AT = a specific time on the clock, tiempos de dia, night.  
     example: we have class at 2 o'clock
                    I have an appointment with the doctor al 4:30
                    We sleep at night
IN = a specific month, specific year, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening,
ON= a specific day of the week, a specific date, 
FROM....... TO = FROM ( specific time) TO ( a specific time) 

about - around something or enclosing somenthing
for - with a purpuse or giving a reason 
to: in a direction 
at : connected to  a location
from: the origin of something
in: completely or partly enclosed by somenting 
on: thr basis for something

we use ING adjectives to describe characteristics fo people, things or situacions
example: Six flags is very amazing, The movie was confusing

verbs end with E change to ing
example: live - living        love - loving

verbs end with Y just add ING
study - studying
play - playing

we use ED adjectives to describe temporal emotions or feeling
example; we are WORRIED for the exam
She felt RELAXED 

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