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I haven’t got a favourite film, but the last film that, I´ve seen is “El cambiazo”. It is a comedy film, and it is about two boys, they´ve met since they  were a children, their names are Dave and Mitch. Dave is a lawyer, he has so much work and he wins a lot of money, he is married to Leslie and they have got three children. Mitch hasn’t got girlfriend, and he is immature, he sometimes  works, and he doesn’t worry about anything, Mitch thinks that Dave’s life  is perfect because he has a beautiful wife, their children - love him and he have a good job and money. Dave thinks that Mitch’s life is great because he hasn’t got any obligations. One day they meet and they go to a party. Next morning, their lives are changed, Dave is Mitch and Micht is Dave and in this moment is when the story starts, at the beginning they like it, but later they discover that they  don’t want this life, they want their own lives. They learnt that this isn’t as nice as they thought and they realised that their lives were perfect . This is a comedy film, it isn’t full of suspense but if you see the film you will laugh, I love this film. The main character are Dave and Mitch and the mind character is Leslie. The film has good ratings, so I recommend it. When I watch TV I like to watch film, documentary, reality show, news and series, but I don’t like to watch quiz show, cartoon, sport show and talent show. I like comedy, romantic, mistery, action and dectetive stories. 

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