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Many people wonder if it is more important to earn money at work or enjoy work, however the perfect balance is when you earn money and you are happy in your work at the same time. On one hand, you should have a job that you like because you will be in it for a long time. There are times when it is better to have less money, but more happiness because sadness can cause you a lot of problems. On the other hand, many people prefer money over happiness because in their life they have not been able to have money and they have gone through bad times. Furthermore, there is people who think that money can give you happiness. In my opinion, I would like to have a job in which I earn less money, but where I do something I like and have more time for myself.

In recent years, online shopping has grown a lot in the world due to all the technological advances. Shopping online has many advantages and disadvantages: On one hand, the advantages of shopping online are the comfort and facility that a person has to have something they want at that moment. You can also find products that you do not see in a store on the street. However, some of the disadvantages of shopping online is the danger of using a bank account or a page that is not reliable. Futhermore, you can also buy something that is defective or broken, and changing it is always difficult. In my opinion, shopping online is good as long as you do it in a controlled way and in reliable online stores, for example, Amazon.

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