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For me, a good place is where you feel quiet, a place where you can express yourself freely, a place where you can be yourself. For me, this place is my room, because I have everything that makes me happy in life. /// My room is not a big place, on the contrary, it is the smallest room of the whole house. I have a small personal library with three shelves with all kinds of books. But I don't have only books on those shelves, I have a small collection of beautiful and strange rocks, the rocks that I collect aren't easy to find, and a small collection of ancient coins. The oldest coin that I have, is a "Real", It was forged by Cesar. My collection, which has a great value, is important for me. /// But undoubtedly the favourite part of my room is my home studio, since this is where I develop all my musical creativity, and express all my emotions through music. /// If I had another room I wouldn't be so happy.

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