Ghost Ship: A Tale of Ghosts, Vikings, and Adventure

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GHOST SHIP: My favorite book read in class is The Ghost Ship. It is about a girl, Lucy Gray, who has a special talent: she can see and talk to ghosts. For this reason, her classmates think that she is a freak. The school organizes an excursion to Greenland, but Lucy doesn't want to go. However, her friend Paul convinces her to go. In the trip, Lucy meets a girl, Freydis, who is a ghost. She is Eric the Red's daughter, who was a famous Viking. Lucy and Paul go to the Viking Ship to help the Vikings, but Eric the Red gets angry and chases them. Freydis helps them escape the ship and gives them a necklace. Then, Paul has an accident and can't remember anything, so he thinks that everything has been a dream. Finally, they go on a Viking ship with their class and find Freydis' necklace, so Paul discovers that his dream has been real.

Robbery at the Central Bank

ROBBERY AT THE CENTRAL BANK: The Central Bank on London Street was broken into yesterday morning. A million pounds were stolen from the bank. Apparently, two robbers entered the bank at 10:00 AM and they were armed. The bank's manager could call the police, but the robbers discovered him and shot him. When the police arrived, the robbers had already left. A policeman could talk to a witness who was inside the bank and described the robbery. The witness couldn't see the robbers' faces because they were wearing masks, but she saw that they left the bank in a red getaway car. The police are investigating the scene of the crime at the moment, but according to them, finding the robbers will be difficult.

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