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Se ve repugnante : it is look revolting ! Yuck : asqueado,Fue un desastre : it was a disaster , No importa : never mind , Lo superarás ; You´ll get over it , Whoops :    Ten cuidado : Be careful! , Eso esta hecho : That´s done  , Que sorpresa tan agradable : What a nice surprise; Glotones : Greedy guts! , Suficiente para todos : enought to go round , Ya estamos otra vez : Here we go again !

Hi, I;m Edu, I;m from Don Benito. I like music, I;ve been to several concerts recently. The best one was
in Merida where my favorite singer Dani Martin performed. It was fantastic!!
I also like to play sports in my spare time, the one I practice most is soccer, my favorite team is Real
Madrid and I have been to the stadium several times, it is incredible !!

The carnival was in Badajoz last weekend, a party is usually held in the city squares and people are
disguised as what they like best.
There goes everyone who wants from different places in Extremadura, Spain or even Portugal.
I went with my friends from Don Benito by train, what I like most is the atmosphere that is created
but the least the crowd of people there

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