Gerineldo and Princess

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Gerineldo Analysis and Princess Part

Gerineldo and Princess is a short lyrical epic poem of 82 verses rhyming eight-syllable verses assonance in pairs. This romance is kind of romance that comes at the end of the Middle Ages and is anonymous.
The main theme of romance is honor, honor and social conventions.
It has three phases, the invitation to enjoy and evening of love, the harbinger of the king and the discovery of the betrayal and the attitude of the lovers discovered.
As features lyrical ballads as well as several questions are repeats "abraisme" and "Gerinaldo." The syntax is simple.
This romance is fragmentary, it starts a very steep, there is no verb presentation or introducer, and the action happening in the knot.

This poem contains an initial situation, although not explicitly expressed in it, represents an established social order and, therefore, must be respected. There is a hierarchy that limits and determines the treatment that should exist between a person of royal blood and his servants, and an implicit order that prohibits the princess having sex outside marriage. Failure to comply with these regulations involves a disturbance of social order, which creates a problem to be solved. Moreover, social order is fatally at odds with the instinctive inclination to love. Thus, from the beginning there is tension between the prohibitions imposed by society and the forces of nature, namely, love. This tension is essential to the plot development.
This is the situation in which there are two of the characters in the romance, the princess falls in love Gerineldo, which is socially inferior. Follow the natural forces that lead to the two lovers to join involves altering the orders of society.

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