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Causees of the second Wolrd War:-Protectionism:During the Great Depresion, many countries implemented protectionist policies to reduce competition from imports. These measures forced conuntries to find new markets for their products. In some cases, this led to expansionist foreign polices.
-The Treaty of Versailles: In Germany, people resented the Treaty of Versailles, which Hilter had promised to estroy. He broke its conditions, firstly by rebuilding in Germany´s armed forces. Then in 1936 he reoccupied the Rhinelan, an important industrial region which had been made a demilitarised zone by the treaty.
-Expansionism:Authoritarian regimes in Germany, Italy and Japan Felt that they needed to expande the territory under their control in order to acquire more raw materials and establish new markets for their exports. They also aimed to increase their international power and influence.
-Appeasement poliies: In order to keep the peace and avoid another war, democreacies such as Geat Britain supported a policy of appeasement. As a result, they did not use military force to prevent Japanese, German and Italian expansionism in the 1930s.

The League of Nations was created to keep the peace, but it was unable to prevent the Second World War. In general, the organisation failed because it could not enforce treaties or impose its decisions.
In practice, itspowers were limited to:
-Sanctions:the League could prohibit its members from having economic and diplomatic relations with countries that acted aggressively. Fir example, When Italy invaded Abyssinia in 1935, the League of Nations supported sanctions.
-Expellings countries from the League:This could happen if a member country threatened the peace. For explample, the USSR was expelled in 1939 after it invaded Finland
Countries that wanted to pursue expansionist policies often left the Leage. This was the case with Japan, Germany and Italy

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