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1. Complete.(diálogo)
1. That’s strange. It’s not in my bag. I might have left it at home.
2. Ok. But you can’t go into the wáter.
3. I could have finished it earlier, but I wanted to check my answers carefully.
4. Can I read your book?
5. Sorry, but I must go.
6. Of course she is. You should have told her the truth!
7. Why didn’t you invite me to the concert? I would have gone with you.

2.Write .
1. Something you regret having done.I shouldn’t have left last night.
2. A certainty.. She must have taught you the way.
3. A possibility happened… they may have forgotten about the concert.
4. A possibility place…It might rain tonight.
5. Lack of… You don't have to do it quickly.

3. Write.
1. The cyclist… He should have worn a helmet.
2. The ground… It must've rained a lot last night.
3. Nobody… I didn't know but I would have visited you.
4. This chess.. It seems that nobody can win him.
5. I’m not using… You may use it now.
6. The match… You mustn't be late.

4. Write.
1. (could have) I had the opportunity to go to the party, but I didn’t.
2. (ought to) Sam should exercise more.
3. (had better leave) You should leave immediately.
4. (couldn’t) We didn’t find Amy in the crowd.
5. (mus’t have) I’m sure Rita saw us at the game.
6. (shouldn’t) It’s not a good idea to carry so much cash when travelling.
7. (doesn’t have to) Isabella doesn’t need to help us.

5. Complete.
1. (solve) can’t solve.
2. (feed) shouldn’t feed.
3. (help) would have helped.
4. (say) shouldn’t have said.
5. (go) might have gone.
6. (forget) might have forgotten.

6. Complete.
1. Don’t use this without my permission.
You mustn’t use this without my permission.
2. It was..You shouldn’t have cycled without wearing a helmet.
3. Is there…Could we meet next week?
4. There’s no…He must have lied to us.
5. It’s impossible…That can’t be a true story.
6. Is it possible…May I use your phone? 

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