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Oliver Twist's story takes place during the industrial revolution in London was the capital of the revolution.
You can see the difference in social classes in physical appearance, when Oliver is with Fagin as this with Mr. Brownlow.

One day Mr. Bumble , who was the guardian of the hospice , which he is born, and that Mrs. Mann, decides it is too old to be there , decides to send him to become an apprentice in the famous funeral , where passes very bad times , it's not as accepted by more than one place by the owner Mr. Sowemberry .
One day Noah Claypole, another of Mr. Sowerberry 's apprentice , Oliver begins to bother asking about his mother, Oliver knocked him angry. 
Oliver decides to leave the house, to escape all the abuse and start a new life. Trying to get to London, meets a young man named Dawkins (The Artful Dodger), and took him to Fagin. One day they decide to send him to a job, to learn the trade that these practiced, and in this he is captured. 
Brownlow, was the victim of the incident, knowing that Oliver was not the real thief decides to take him home, the view so helpless and weak. There he was treated as anyone had ever tried, and is very happy. 
After an excellent relationship with Mr. Brownlow, decides to start to be interested in useful at home have many benefactors, and is sent to deliver some books and money to the lord of the Seller, to settle accounts. Unfortunately, Oliver can not go back to that home because Nancy find him.

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