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1.The video instructions confused him.-He was confused by the video instructions.-He found the video instructions confusing.
2.Watching TV relaxes me.-I feel relaxed when I watch TV.-I find watching TV relaxing.
3.The general election campaign bores me-I am bored with the general election campaign.-I find the general election campaign boring.
4.I think watching the Oscar ceremony on TV is exciting.-I'm really excited about watching the Oscar ceremony.
5.Wet weather depresses me.-Wet weather makes me depressed.-I find wet weather depressing.
6.Psychology interests me.-I am interested in psychology.-I find psychology interesting.
7.Reading muerder mystery stories frighten her.-She is frightened of reading murder mystery stories.
8.The road is too narrow for two cars to pass each other.-The road isn't wide enough for two cars to pass each other.
9.Some people eat too little fruit.-Some people don't eat enough fruit.
10.After you've been in the army for a while, getting up early won't be difficult for you.-....,you'll find it easy to get up early/you'll have no trouble getting up early/you'll have no difficulty in getting up early.
11.The lessons were much more interesting than I had expected.-I hadn't expected the lessons to be so interesting.

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